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Control4 Controllers
Controllers are the central hub of every Control4 system. They enable you to control and automate virtually any home function, including your home theater, music, lighting, temperature, security system, appliances and more. Each model gives you powerful control over your entire home and enables you to build your dream home-control system over time.
Control4 Home Controller

The Ultimate Smart Home Experience

  • For large homes, home theaters, and light commercial projects
  • The horsepower to automate hundreds of devices
  • Built-in, high-resolution, five-stream audio player
Control4 Room Controller

One-Room Entertainment & Automation

  • Connect and automate up to 10 devices
  • Built-in, one-stream audio player
  • Get your smart home started in one room
Control4 Home Controller

High Performance for Small to Mid-Sized Projects

  • Automate up to 30 devices using IR, IP, RS-232, contact, relay, ZigBee and Z-Wave (optional)
  • Built-in, three-stream audio player
  • PoE makes it perfect for installation behind every TV

The Control4 EA Series of entertainment and automation controllers are the next-generation platform for smart home innovation, featuring high-resolution audio, high-performance automation, industry-leading interoperability and built-in music services with every system. Architected with industry-leading processing power to deliver a responsive, scalable and upgradeable smart home experience, the EA Series features three models.