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Digital Signage
In today's landscape of brand and corporate messages it's more important than ever to stand out above the rest. Not having Digital Signage is like not having a website. We can deliver a full turnkey solution through the brilliance of digital media.
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Digital signage is remotely controlled distribution and playback of digital content across networks of displays. It is used for delivering visual messages at point-of-purchase, or at any other public venue. Digital signage is a new and fast-growing mass medium that is becoming part of mainstream media mix. DSH can provide turnkey Digital Signage solutions for one location, or hundreds of locations across Canada. It delivers key information, promotions, company news and more in real time with dynamic media and grab your audiences attention.

Digital Signage is more than just hanging a Display on the wall and connecting a computer to it. A well executed Digital Signage solutions involves the correct Panel, Media Player, Robust Network, Software and Content to get the best return on your investment. Whether your in the retail or restaurant and hospitality industries, or operate service stations, convenience stores, banks or offices we provide a complete End-to-End Solution. Learn More
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Our Professional Services are available across Canada. We have technicians and associates in every province to serve your needs. Visit our Pro Division website for more information.
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In this issue of Home Smart Home our cover story lands us in Latin America, where we got a personal tour of the Mexico City condo that surprised judges in a coveted competition that’s all about interior design. It's truly as beautiful as it is smart.
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Sonos puts the control of all your music right where it should be — in your hands. With the touch of a finger you can find and play a world of music, whether it’s streaming direct from the Internet or stored on your computer.
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Ingeniously engineered inside one simple cabinet, Geneva Sound Systems provide everything you find in conventional stereo. The system above has a pair of full-range stereo speakers. There is a CD player, an FM radio, and external source inputs. What’s more: there’s an iPod/iPhone dock, stereo subwoofers, and a digital amplifier.
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