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Fatman Valve Amps
Digital music with all its advantages was lacking in one direction... sound. That's where Fatman Audio and valves come in.
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Fatman has quickly established its reputation for producing some of the best performing audio systems for use with Smart Phones, Personal Computers and any fixed or portable media device. All amplifiers have additional inputs making them fully comprehensive audio systems. From our first product Fatman iTube with iPod Dock (What Hi-Fi product of the year 2006) through to the new generation of Bluetooth enabled amps Fatman is constantly developing new products to enhance your home & lifestyle.

But why valves?
Well, as professional recording artists and producers discovered, digital with all it’s acknowledged advantages, was perhaps lacking in one direction... sound. It could be a little cold and harsh and lacked ‘warmth’. - That’s where valves come in. Correctly and sympathetically inserted into the signal path, the presence of valves enhance the signal quality and audio reproduction. With more than 30 years experience in professional audio, the people behind Fatman have this skill. And then some.
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Mi-Tube Valve Amplifier with Bluetooth
Cool beauty delivering 28 watts per channel of pure listening pleasure. The Mi-Tube is compact and sexy, but still packs a solid punch. Producing 28w per channel this is no lightweight when it comes to power. Utilizing a radical new hybrid valve design, the basis of which was first suggested in a theoretical paper 50 years ago, it just sings with quality... And looks stunning.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity audio can also be streamed wireless! This opens the Mi-Tube to more than just iPhone's and iPod's, to any Bluetooth Enabled device. This is a hybrid valve amplifier for the connoisseur. Cool Beauty.
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In this issue of Home Smart Home our cover story lands us in Latin America, where we got a personal tour of the Mexico City condo that surprised judges in a coveted competition that’s all about interior design. It's truly as beautiful as it is smart.
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Sonos puts the control of all your music right where it should be — in your hands. With the touch of a finger you can find and play a world of music, whether it’s streaming direct from the Internet or stored on your computer.
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Ingeniously engineered inside one simple cabinet, Geneva Sound Systems provide everything you find in conventional stereo. The system above has a pair of full-range stereo speakers. There is a CD player, an FM radio, and external source inputs. What’s more: there’s an iPod/iPhone dock, stereo subwoofers, and a digital amplifier.
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