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Scandyna PodSpeakers
The history of the Podspeakers started in the UK in the 1990’s when a group of B&W’s best developers - including the men behind B&W’s legendary Nautilus speaker - were assigned the task of designing quality sounding speakers at an attainable price. Different, beautiful and full of quality sound.

Since first launch back in the 1990’s, Podspeakers have thrilled the eyes and ears of fans around the world. With it’s rounded shapes, bold aesthetics and design tweaks the Podspeakers stand out as unique in the world of High Fidelity.

We are now proud to announce the NEXT GENERATION of Podspeakers. With sound improvement from A-Z, upgraded speaker driver, enhanced cabinet and style customization, they will shape your future sound.
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At Scandyna, we believe that great products stand the test of time. However, to have a truly iconic product, the design and the function must also be world- leading and remain at the forefront of technology. Through nearly two decades of innovation, we have applied this think- ing to assemble a range of loudspeakers that break with convention, yet produce the quality of sound that traditional loud- speakers can only hope to achieve.

Through a dedication to research and development, we use the very best materials and designs. Our research has led to a range of products that are as eye- catching as they are attention-grabbing. But this is not just ‘eye candy’. In all cas- es, form follows function and, rather than hide our findings behind a conventional- looking speaker cabinet, we wanted to show just how great a speaker can look as well as sound.

The whole range of Scandyna products represents a lifestyle signalling courage and taste. Their mission is to give your home just a little more bite in every aspect from sound to design. To accomplish this they dare to stand out. In fact being different is part of their mission – just as the concept of the Podspeakers is build upon a desire to break away from traditionally build and square speakers – of course never compromising the high quality of sound