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Installation Services
We cater to you, who dreads the complexity and unsightliness of traditional audio and video systems, yet wants to enjoy music & video throughout your home or business.
At Digital Smart Homes, we pride ourselves on being clean and organized. Whether we're installing a home theater, in-ceiling speakers, keypads, or running wires throughout your home or business, by the time we leave, your home or business will in the same condition it was in before we arrived (and maybe even better!).

Our Project Management abilities help ensure that home theater installations are smooth, problem free, and well-designed. Our installers will spend whatever time that is required to ensure a smooth home theater installation process - one that helps you enjoy your audio video and home theater system that much sooner while also minimizing the need for future service calls.
isf Calibration Services
See your Display in a brand new light.
We also offer ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration so that we may provide the best services possible to our customers. ISF calibration allows us to provide perform strict adjustments techniques to most modern televisions including Plasmas, LCDs, CRTs, front projectors and rear projection TVs.

The Imaging Science Foundation is in the Display Standards industry, and since 1994 has been dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging.