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Control4: When >> Then Personalization

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Hands-on homeowner personalization
Homeowners have always wanted the ability to tweak and fine-tune their own system without calling dealers for help. It’s been at the top of requests from you and our customers for a very long time. With When >> Then, customers interested in making adjustments to their home automation now have the capability to do so.
With only a few clicks, a homeowner can tie a keypad button to a playlist, create a custom push notification, and adjust the schedule for their smart lighting. The options are only limited by the types of products installed in the home.

The Concept Is Simple, Yet Powerful

When something happens, Then do something. When >> Then has been designed to make it easy for homeowners to tweak and fine-tune the automation in their home, but simple enough to avoid support calls to you.
• 1. Login at
• 2. Create a New Automation
• 3. Select a When Event
• 4. Choose a Then Action Whn-Thn-Screen5