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UltraVue 80ft HDMI Long, Uninterrupted and it Works!

UltraVue is the ultra-long, ultra-reliable, uninterrupted-run HDMI solution of the year! Most if not all HDMI failures occur in the connectors. The vast majority of extended runs are built up with baluns, repeaters, amplifier chips, EQ and external power supplies that multiply failure rates. UltraVue’s Digital Alloy -- silver-coated copper-clad steel -- delivers extremely high tensile strength. Other breakthrough techniques means UltraVue is the perfect if not the only cable for over 50-foot runs!

UltraVueTM HDMI® Long, Uninterrupted, and it Works! 80-Plus Feet...
Ultralink® UltraVueTM HDMI runs 80-feet (and can do double that) at full 1080p! No EQ, no amplifiers, no power supplies – just a single uninterrupted run of the highest performance cable on the market! UltraVue is ideal for anywhere you need long uninterrupted runs; it’s the longest-running problem-free HDMI cable you can buy!

The Short Form
  • No EQ, baluns, repeaters, amplifier chips or external power supplies
  • Ultra-strong extended connectors with built-in strain relief
  • Perfect for over 50-foot runs, just two connections deliver amazing reliability
  • Silver-coated copper-clad steel wire Digital AlloyTM high-frequency conductors
  • UP-OCC copper low-frequency conductors and ground wire
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and PE (polyethylene) insulation
  • Virtual Electrical Strands are made from multiple high-frequency and low-frequency
  • conductors with low-capacitance spacers
  • Shield 1 x 2 = Metal-foil type
  • Shield 2 x 2 = Braided UP-OCC and silver-plated copper
  • Jacket = c(UL) Listed, CL3/FT4-rated, flame retardant PVC

The Long Form
Most, if not all, HDMI cable failures occur in the connectors. The vast majority of extended runs consist of baluns, repeaters, amplifier chips, EQ and external power supplies, all of which significantly elevate failure rates. At UltraLink we make an ultra-strong, extended-length connector with strain relief built right in so UltraVue seats firmly and stays connected.
Our proprietary Digital AlloyTM conductor features silver-coated copper-clad steel. That’s quite a mixture; the silver and copper optimizes the high-frequencies while the steel resists stretching, a problem that can change the cross-section of the high-frequency conductors. The Digital Alloy is surrounded by a skin-foam-skin nitrogen-injected dielectric insulation plus an inner skin of high-density PE that ensures the conductor remains centered to improve impedance stability.There are four equal-length high-frequency conductors in UltraVue instead of the usual two you’ll find in most HDMI cable. We quad-shield the conductors with an aluminum MylarTM foil shield and a high-density tinned oxygen-free copper braid around the Mylar shield.
Finally, a ground wire is positioned between the two shield layers. The ground wire and low- frequency conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free tinned copper with insulation prepared from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). UltraVue has a c(UL) Listed, CL3/FT4-rated, flame retardant PVC jacket of course!

These and other breakthrough techniques make UltraVue the perfect cable choice for applications over 50-feet! We’ve even run two 80-foot lengths connected with our HD-RPT Active HDMI Repeater with astounding results!