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DVDO AIR" 60 GHz Wireless HDMI

DVDO Air is the only high definition wireless transmission system that works reliably across a large room with fully compliant HDMI (including CEC remote control, HDCP & 3D) and costs barely more than a high performance HDMI cable. DVDO Air's 60 GHz wireless technology uses radio wave frequencies more than 10x higher than other wireless devices, such as cordless phones, cell phones & Wi-Fi. 60 GHz transmission provides enough bandwidth to carry uncompressed 1080p video & 7.1 surround sound audio & without interference from other wireless devices. DVDO Air is easy to install too. Just connect the transmitter to the source device & the receiver to the LCD/LED/Plasma display for a quick, reliable, error-free installation that will be suitable for even the most demanding high performance home theatres.

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Extend HDMI 1080p Full HD with Deep Color up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single CAT-5 cable, along with 100Base-T Ethernet, RS-232, IR, and remote 5V DC Power

The GefenPRO Extender for HDMI ELR with PoL over CAT5 extends a Hi-Def source with multichannel digital audio at resolutions of up to 1080p Full HD to 330 feet (100 meters) using one CAT-5 cable. Also, it has the capability to power a separate 5V DC device from the Receiver unit, sharing the 5V DC power, transmitted over the CAT-5 cable, up to 2 Amps at the Receiver Unit. It supports DVI-D when used with an HDMI to DVI Adapter, providing greater flexibility and options when integrating several home theater components. This product extends Ethernet and provides an IR back channel to control AV sources using the same CAT-5 cable extension. With the built-in IR Blaster, simply point the IR remote(s) at the display to control the Hi-Def sources as if they were located in the same room as the display.

Introducing Just Add Power ... a scalable, any size HDMI matrix over IP

Every source gets a transmitter/encoder and every display gets a receiver/decoder, they all plug into the network and, voila, you’ve got an HDMI matrix solution!

  • The original 1G version offers a cost-effective, high performance solution while the newer 2G gigabit version delivers lossless video.
  • Both versions require a managed network switch controlled via RS-232 or IP from any control system, PC, or smart device (e.g., Blackberry or iPad).
  • Need to expand? Simply add a transmitter or receiver (or both).
  • No more baluns and no distance limitations!
  • Projects range from small residential jobs to large commercial applications and everything in between.
  • New 2G firmware enables a video wall configuration up to 8x8 at a fraction of the price of competing systems.


UltraVue 80ft HDMI Long, Uninterrupted and it Works!

UltraVue is the ultra-long, ultra-reliable, uninterrupted-run HDMI solution of the year! Most if not all HDMI failures occur in the connectors. The vast majority of extended runs are built up with baluns, repeaters, amplifier chips, EQ and external power supplies that multiply failure rates. UltraVue’s Digital Alloy -- silver-coated copper-clad steel -- delivers extremely high tensile strength. Other breakthrough techniques means UltraVue is the perfect if not the only cable for over 50-foot runs!


Binary™ Single Cat 5e/6 HDMI 1.4 Extender (130') Plus IR Receiver & Flasher Pass Through.

The best way to run HDMI video and audio over long distances with out running expensive HDMI cable is over cat5. Why use cat5? Well, to begin with cat5 can withstand several bend radius’s that HDMI cables cannot. An HDMI cable shouldn’t be bent more than 3 times. Second, cat5 is a mute-purpose/multi-use cable so if one day a new HDMI version comes out, you simply change the baluns at the end of the cat5 run. Third, say you do successfully run an HDMi cable through your walls; what if that cable end get damaged? You can’t fix the end of an HDMi cable. Introducing The Binary™ 1CAT HDMI 1.4a Extender is fully 3D capable with 1080p resolution up to 36 bit. With pass-through for an IR receiver and flasher, this product provides a great solution for adding HD video, multi-channel audio and full control to any TV over a single CAT5e.

HDMI over Single Coaxial Extender

Vanco's HDMI Coax Extender supports HDMI protocols like HDCP, and the signal transmission system can be used to feed as many as 45 displays. Read More...