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Binary™ Single Cat 5e/6 HDMI 1.4 Extender (130') Plus IR Receiver & Flasher Pass Through.

The best way to run HDMI video and audio over long distances with out running expensive HDMI cable is over cat5. Why use cat5? Well, to begin with cat5 can withstand several bend radius’s that HDMI cables cannot. An HDMI cable shouldn’t be bent more than 3 times. Second, cat5 is a mute-purpose/multi-use cable so if one day a new HDMI version comes out, you simply change the baluns at the end of the cat5 run. Third, say you do successfully run an HDMi cable through your walls; what if that cable end get damaged? You can’t fix the end of an HDMi cable. Introducing The Binary™ 1CAT HDMI 1.4a Extender is fully 3D capable with 1080p resolution up to 36 bit. With pass-through for an IR receiver and flasher, this product provides a great solution for adding HD video, multi-channel audio and full control to any TV over a single CAT5e.

HDMI™ 1.4a Compliant with Full 3D Support
This increased bandwidth supports 7.1 channel surround sound, DTS-HD Master Audio and TrueHD high bit-rate audio, plus Deep Color Full HD 1080p 36 bit color.

Manage the TV and Equipment With IR Receivers and Flashers
Designed to work with SnapAV IR receivers and flashers, you can now offer easy control of the TV and equipment over the same wire as the video signal.

High Bandwidth Chipsets
Our B-200-1CAT-HDIR uses the latest technology available to deliver high bandwidth (6.75 Gbps) for current and future 3D technology needs.

Static Electricity Protection
With a very robust circuit design, the B-200-1CAT-HDIR is protected with 19kV for human body air contact, 12kV for human body direct contact and 8kV at the core chipset. Good insurance for a long product life span.

Ideal For Retrofits
Remember that job a couple years ago where you pulled CAT5e to each TV for control? Now you can use that same cable to easily retrofit HDMI and IR with the B-200-1CAT-HDIR.

Screw Down Power Plugs
Our In-line power supply has a screw lock to secure the power to the unit. No more worries about service calls just because the plug is loose or unplugged.

Easy Install
The durable low-profile metal cases come equipped with integrated mounting hardware for a variety of installation needs.

Product Contents
(1) Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(2) 5VDC in-line power adapters
(1) Manual
(8) rubber feet
(4) Mounting screws