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Smart Living Journal

Why hire an Electronic Systems Professional?

Have you ever started something you couldn’t finish because you lacked the technical know-how to follow through with the project? We’ve all been there, and back—because human beings are stubborn creatures. Rather than accepting our limitations, we continue to dive head on into the unknown abyss. While admirable in some respect, starting a project and not following through is—for all intensive purpose—a waste of resources.

Time and money are two of the most valuable assets a person can possess. One cannot exist without the other, and so we must treasure both equally. We need time to generate money, and if we squander our precious time on projects that yield zero return it would be quite a shame.

So before you start your smart home projects, keep in mind that there are a lot of things you must educate yourself about before you get your hands dirty. Some things you should consider include:

1. Do you understand the concept?
The word “smart” is often tossed around easily by consumers, but what makes something smart? Are plain LCDs and shoddy control panels enough to deem something as smart? Or, does it have to connect to a customized infrastructure capable of handling the desired functionalities? Smart home technology has to be nurtured and taught to behave in a certain way (if this than that), and we all know technology can often be nerve wrecking and stressful if not executed correctly when instead it should be intuitive.

2. The latest and greatest
Technology evolves at a blistering rate, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Are you dedicated enough to keep up with the trends constantly? Everyday consumers have priorities, and smart home professionals are well aware of that. That is why they make it their priority to stay on top of what you don’t have time for.

3. Speaking the language
You’re a brilliant physicists and you can explain the workings of quantum mechanics like Dr. Seuss, but do you speak IT? In other words, can you quickly pull up a wealth of information about smart home technology without having to pull up articles? Smart home professionals are IT professionals and/or Audio-Video Professional, so they’re adept in the art of programming and deploying hardware and software for various purposes. Of course, they can do this just like how you can explain the laws of the universe in layman’s terms.

4. Professionals save you money by not screwing up
At this point, you’re probably aware of the logic behind specialists. Fixing your own roof, and then only to have it leaking is not the ideal situation. When you start a project that ends up in shamble, you need to either double the effort or hire a professional. Either way, you’ll be spending a lot more than what you could have if you hired a profession initially. People become specialists because they want to save you time and money, not drain you of your resources.

Digital Smart Home’s Three Promises

My friend @TeriConrad hosts a weekly twitter chat called #brandtribe and her topic a few weeks back was about “Company Values”. I listened closely and tweeted about my companies values. For me, my company’s promise is how I define our values and are proudly displayed on our company website. Another participant in the online chat made a comment that a company which lists there values should also define them. So thats what I did.

Digital Smart Home’s Three Promises that define our Values
At Digital Smart Homes, our team is dedicated to making sure that our customers receive top-quality service at all times. In order to guarantee best-in-class service, no matter how large or small in scope a project may be, we have made three promises…

Promise 1
To Listen Carefully: Because of our clients’ needs for custom solutions, we vow to listen closely in an effort to gain a full understanding of their technological needs, creative vision, and budgetary constraints. Rather than offering product and design suggestions from the beginning, we work to connect with each client and take in their inspired vision.

Promise 2
To Offer Thoughtfully: After listening carefully, we work to offer comprehensive solutions and clearly explain what all technologies are able to accomplish. Never will our customers be scratching their heads due to lack of information or clear explanation. Additionally, we go beyond the call of duty to present clients with detailed quotes and take ample time to review all line items. We live to educate and inform our client base!

Promise 3
To Execute Brilliantly: Once our clients have signed off on the overall concept, we “execute” the installation with perfection - all hands on deck! Home and work environments are handled with care as technologies and design elements are beautifully integrated. A key aspect of integration is full instruction on how to use all technologies, plus our team members are always available for support, even years down the road.

Bonus Promise
Full Warranty Commitment: Digital Smart Homes is the only technology provider in the industry that meets all manufacturers’ warranties. In other words, most organizations offer 90-day to 1-year labour warranties; however, we have made the commitment to match our labour warranties for the same length of the manufacturers warranty of a given product. Thus, if an item comes with a 4-year warranty and fails to work properly, our dedicated team will visit your home or office, remove it, and take it in for servicing. There are no added costs for home visits or servicing that falls within the manufacturer’s warranty.

We truly value our customers and strive to go the extra mile to make sure that all of our products and services make life easier and more manageable. This is our passion!!