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Introducing the AquaTel Fluid Level Monitor

AquaTel Fluid Level Monitor
The AquaTel Fluid Level Monitor uses unique ultrasonic technology to monitor fluid levels in a wide range of tanks. This wireless sensor and receiver package offers superior performance over older technologies.

The sensor can be installed for use in a wide range of applications (see below). The battery in the sensor can last up to five years, depending on the configured data refresh rate.

Each receiver can collect and manage data from up to 6 sensors; including information about tank content levels, low and high alarm status, air temperature, battery status and communication status. The sensor sends all data using reliable RF communications.

AQ930 Omni Booster AntennaOptional Accessories:

AQ930 Omni Booster Antenna
This custom made Omni Directional Antenna provides strong performance when used with the D110. The booster antenna gives up to 3 dbi gain and increases effective range up to 600 meters (0.4 mile) if used at both ends. It is the ideal way to boost RF performance without having to extend wires.

AQ920-7 Booster Antenna
AquaTel's custom made 7 element Yagi Antenna comes complete with a 12 foot cable and RP-SMA connector. It provides maximum possible range and increases dbi gain up to 10. It should always be mounted on a mast or roof at least 5 feet above the ground. This antenna increases the effective range up to 6 miles when used at both ends.

AQ920-7 Booster AntennaApplications:
  • Water Tanks
  • Septic and Cistern Tanks
  • Diesel/Fuel Oil Tanks
  • Fertilizer Tanks
  • Fish Tanks
  • Fish Ponds
  • Bulk Tanks
  • Rain Barrel/Irrigation Management
  • Sumps

Control4 Driver:
Receive Email Alerts and Trigger Events based on fluid levels, temperature, and status changes
Monitors Air Temperature of Tank
Native integration with Control4 Motors and Sensors area
Contact closure for integration with the Control4 water level icon
Feedback on alarm status on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, MAC and touch panels
Ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
All data is stored in variables for use in programming
Low battery notification to Control4
AquaTel Features:

Can Monitor Tanks Up To Six Miles Away (with the optional antenna)
Detection Range: 4”-13’
Allow for Six Sensors For One AquaTel Receiver
Easy To Install – Totally Wireless
Long Battery Life