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Card Access™ Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor

Card Access is pleased to announce the new Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor. Using the same Control4 driver and providing all of the same functionality as our wall-mount Wireless Motion Sensor, the Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor allows for convenient ceiling mount applications. This new product is a great way to add occupancy sensing capabilities to any room. We offer two versions of the Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor: battery-powered and line-powered (9-24v AC/DC)

The Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor is an intelligent, software-controlled motion (passive infrared—or PIR) and light level (lux) sensor. The Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor features tight integration with Control4. A feature rich Composer Properties Page enables high levels of control without using programming scripts.

The Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor adds even more intelligent home automation to trigger and control events throughout the Control4 system based on object motion, occupancy and room ambient lighting levels. Automatically control room lighting, pathway lighting, exterior lighting, HVAC and audio/video applications either inside or outside the home.

The Ceiling-Mount Wireless Motion Sensor also “greens” up the Control4-automated home by enabling occupancy-based automation controls. Used in concert with additional Control4 certified products such as wireless switches, relays, dimmers and motorized window coverings), the motion sensor can control heating, cooling, and lighting systems to help comply with environmental policies—California Title 24, and Canada’s NBC 2005 for example—while conserving resources and saving money on utilities.