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Card Access Wireless Smart Pressure Sensor

Card Access is pleased to announce the new Wireless Smart Pressure Sensor Package. A replacement for Bed and Chair Sensors previously offered by Card Access, the Smart Pressure Sensor is an easy-to-use occupancy sensing solution for chairs, beds, and sofas. This next generation sensor provides better results through customizable sensitivity making it more suitable for a variety of home automation applications.

The sensor works by measuring the change in distributed pressure when a chair, a bed, or a sofa is occupied. Proprietary “learning” technology allows dealers to calibrate the response of the sensor to suit a wide range of furniture and occupants – with just the push of a button.

By using this technology, the sensor delivers superior control and flexibility when compared to other similar sensors on the market, which are not adjustable and are only reliable in limited applications.

Here are just a few ideas for using the Wireless Smart Pressure Sensor in your home:
  • Complete Occupancy Sensing: Combine the Wireless Smart Pressure Sensor with our Wireless Motion Sensor, and you can turn things on when someone walks in the room, and keep them on as long as someone is sitting there.  No more waving your arms to wake up the Motion Sensor.  A few simple lines of programming are all it takes for accurate, proactive home occupancy sensing.
  • “Green” Lighting and HVAC: Provide just enough lighting, heating or cooling just by sitting in a chair or on a couch. Sit down, lights on. Stand up, lights off. It means easy, convenient, and power-saving results.  
  • Super-Charged Home Theater Experience:  Imagine a home theater that powers up when you walk in the room, that pauses the video when you stand up, and that powers down when you leave the room.
  • A More Favorite Chair: Turn on just the perfect lighting for reading a book or listening to your favorite music when you sit in your favorite chair or couch.
  • Wake up Agent ‘Plus’: Improve on the Wake Up Agent with additional "get out of bed" messages for kids who tend to stay in bed after the first announcement (perfect for ‘controlling’ parents).
  • Additional Piece of Mind: Check if an infant, sick or elderly family member is in a bed or chair—giving greater peace of mind for homeowners.

Contact us for additional information or to add the Smart Pressure Sensor to your home control system