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Control4 2.0 is Here!

We are excited to to announce the release of Control4® OS 2.0. This next-generation OS offers new home-control functionality, updated SDKs, support for additional hardware products, integration of third-party applications, and improved media management. Featuring an elegant Flash-based user interface, Control4® OS 2.0 will provide Control4 integrators with the most powerful Control4® solution to date.

Features and Benefits:
OS 2.0 provides many new and enhanced features, including:

End User Interface improvements
- Adobe® Flash-based Navigator with new functionality and improved user experience
- 4Store™ applications - visit or use Navigator to download custom applications
- Zones page - improved support for analog audio sources
- Locale - ability to select the language used by the Flash Navigator interface. Control4® OS 2.0 ships with support for six languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and English. New languages can be added easily to the OS using our Language Development Kit. Support for new languages does not require a software update, so check your system often to see if new languages have been added.

Ease of Customization improvements
- Custom Home Pages - users can select which options they want on their home page
- Favorites - users can mark specific pages as favorites for direct access
- Macros - Installers can create Composer programming that is directly linked to Favorites by the user
- Page Flips - Installers can create Composer programming to change the UI to a specific page
- Hide/Show/Order Lights and Lighting Scenes

Performance and Scalability improvements
- ZigBee Pro performance improvements over 1.8.2
- New media database and media scanning functionality - size, performance, and scalability improvements coupled with ability to do scheduled and programmatic scanning

Other improvements
- Electronic licensing - Control4® Dealers can purchase all Control4 software licenses and manage them electronically, either using a credit card or through the standard purchase order process.
- AAC codec support - support for playing AAC (.m4a) files
- Secure Connections Only (SSL) - configure the Control4® system to allow only secure network connections
- WPA Support - WPA Wi-Fi security support

For additional information about the new and improved functionality of OS 2.0 please contact us here

Download the Control4 2.0 Cut Sheet here
Check out the Control4 2.0 Flash User Interface here