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Integra's latest A/V receivers offer 3-D functionality

Integra has introduced a pair of new A/V receivers, the 100-watt-per-channel DTR-30.2 and the 90-watt-per-channel DTR-20.2, that offer 3-D functionality. Both machines feature HDMI 1.4a ports that enable 3-D video signals to pass from a Blu-ray player to a TV's display screen.

From Marketnews

Integra has introduced two 3D-video-ready home-theatre receivers. Priced at $800 and $1,100 respectively, the new Integra DTR-30.2 (shown here) and DTR-20.2 use the latest HDMI 1.4a A/V interface. This allows them to pass 3D video signals from a player to a 3D video display, and to simultaneously extract uncompressed full-definition studio-master-quality sound tracks using Dolby True HD or DTS-HS Master Audio. These new receivers are also compatible with the mandatory formats for 3D broadcast content of "Side-By-Side (Half)" and "Top-and-Bottom" 3D video formats. Both have five rear HDMI inputs and one output, and the DTR-30.2 has an added front-panel HDMI input. Both support Audio Return Channel and offer a new feature called HDMI Through, which allows TV viewing even when the receiver is in standby mode.

The Integra DTR-30.2 delivers 100 watts to each of seven loudspeakers, which can be arranged for a variety of different surround modes, surround plus height, stereo bi-amping, or powered Zone 2 configurations. When used with included Audyssey DSX or Dolby ProLogic IIz processing, additional speakers mounted above front speakers can add height ambience to the sound above the listener. For those with more limited speaker needs, the DTR-20.2 has five power amplifier channels rated at 90 watts each.

Both receivers are THX Select 2 Plus certified, and include advanced video and audio processing features. Faroudja DCDi Cinema offers video upscaling to 1080p, and PLL jitter-cleaning technology helps attain a clear sharp picture even with older video sources. On the audio side, there are premium Burr-Brown PCM-1690 192kHz 24-bit DACs for all channels. The power amplifiers use the company's premium Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) with three-stage inverted Darlington circuits. Both receivers include Audyssey 2EQ automatic room correction, and Audyssey's Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ processing. There are four DSP Gaming modes for rock, sports, action, and role-playing games; a Music Optimizer for compressed digital music; and a Theater Dimensional processer for sound-bar virtual surround.

For custom applications, both receivers incorporate three DC triggers, two IR inputs and one output, bidirectional RS-232, PC-input, Zone-2 capabilities, separate dealer settings for quick system restore, RiHD, Universal Port for connection optional iPod dock and HD-Radio modules, and optional rack-mounting kit.