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Professional DVR CCTV System

Our biggest request from our clients with Smart Homes is to extend IP camera support within Control4. Well now we can provide DVR support for IP Cameras! It's not just for a few IP cameras that can now be DVR integrated, it's literally hundreds.

This is achieved through a great piece of CCTV DVR software that runs on a Mac Mini. So you can now specify a fully digital and professional CCTV system as part of your Control4 installations.

Our solution for your Mac is a fully featured high end DVR with motion detection, alerts and and file playback. It's user interface is so much better than the standard Far East generic DVRs and so much easier for your customer to use.

Multiple cameras can be used simultaneously. Additionally, each camera can be viewed in its own window, or assigned to a group window to allow you to set up groups of related cameras. Features highly optimized motion detection, so that each camera can be set up to capture video and/or still image files when motion is detected. The sensitivity of the motion detection can be adjusted for best results and detection of motion can be set to all or only part of the video image.

Alternatively, a timelapse capture feature is available for constant round-the-clock capture that is not linked to motion detection.
It compresses captured video on the fly to conserve hard drive space (compression settings are fully adjustable and include the MPEG-4 codec), and still images files are saved in JPEG format. Video is captured as standard QuickTime movies which can be opened by practically all video software on the Mac. The captured image files can be optionally uploaded to a remote computer or web server via FTP so that footage can be viewed on the Internet and/or held safe at a remote location.

It is often useful to have video from both before and after a motion event - in the time before and after, even though the motion is not high enough to trigger recording, there is often something interesting happening in the video that is worth capturing. For this purpose the software even has Pre-capture and Post-capture features. The Pre-capture feature works by keeping a buffer of frames in memory to so that when motion is detected the video before the time of motion is also captured.

To see the system in action at our Vancouver showroom contact us here