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Digital Signage for Banks, Credit Unions & Financial Institutions

Time is Money and what better place to live this phrase than Banks and Credit Unions that are branching-out, far-and-wide across the globe. But with deluge of customers comes the necessity to streamline customer relationship and opt for efficient communication and promotional tools. Long queues at tellers, lack of clarity about services and rates, mismanagement of records can be major turn offs for customers that can lead to lost business.

Bank and credit union marketing directors are starting the appreciate the the flexibility of digital and visual communication systems because they can easily change the content and keep it fresh. We can show you Digital Signage solutions that allow facilities of all sizes to utilize this smart new technology.

Keeping Customers and Visitors Educated and Engaged
Dynamic signage, electronic signage, multi-media merchandising or narrowcasting, networks of digital signs are becoming commonplace in banks and credit unions all over the world.

Smaller credit unions with limited budgets are implementing low cost LCD posters in conjunction with traditional product displays. Larger banks and credit unions are often opting for more impressive built-in displays including rear projection TVs, large LCDs, and plasmas.

The flexibility of this digital marketing platform allows the banks to easily change the content and keep it fresh. The total cost of ownership is significantly low compared to the cost of printing and maintaining traditional poster boards and vinyl banners. With easy-to-use templates and scheduling features, banks and financial institutions can update signage displays installed behind the teller line or in any waiting area / hallways.

Digital Signage: An Effective and Relevant Communication
Digital signage is more powerful in attracting "eyeballs." According to the 2007 Digital Out-Of-Home Media Awareness & Attitude Study conducted by Online Testing Exchange and SeeSaw Networks:
  • 63% of adults said digital signage catches their attention - the highest level reported across all media surveyed including billboards, magazines, TV, the Internet, newspapers, radio and mobile phone advertising
  • 53% of survey respondents found digital signage to be the most interesting medium
  • 51% of 18-24 year olds reported taking an action as a result of seeing ads on digital signage

Digital Signage: A Versatile Communication Platform
Digital Signage in banks, credit unions and financial institutions provide an ideal platform to disseminate information, promote products and services to visitors and customers.
  • Inform customers about loans, investment accounts, and other banking products.
  • Show news updates or live TV to reduce perceived waiting times.
  • Display current rate information in your lobby.
  • Promote the ways that your bank or credit union gives back to the community.
  • Show training videos and messages from the home office.