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4 Reasons we like to specify Fusion Video Servers

Fusion Research is the #2 video server manufacturer and we wanted to share 4 reasons why you should consider a Fusion Movie Server for your home or Theater System

Reason # 1: Simple Blu-ray Support
Fusion servers support blu-rays without the need for clunky, expensive disc changers. The blu-ray import is a full copy of the disc so all menu structures are left intact. Blu-ray can be easily imported from any computer throughout the home, just drop it in and use our 'one-click' import utility.

Reason # 2: Add Your Own Storage
Other companies rely on selling their 'own' brand of NAS servers to expand capacity. Many of these systems are simply rebadged models of popular third party NAS systems.

Reason # 3: Award Winning Interface
Fusion's award winning GUI is built from the ground up on their embedded system. Fusion is on the third generation of their products since shipping their first video server in 2006. Now, many thousands of systems later, Fusion understands how to build a solid reliable server.

Reason # 4: Streaming Media, DVD & Blu-ray All in One Box!
Fusion has partnered with Boxee and has all their streaming media partners available for free on every one of their products. Try Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vudu and over 200 other streaming applications.

You'll also love Boxee's photo slide show. Easily point to any other computer on the network and stream their photos through your Fusion system!

If you would like more information on our Fusion line of movie servers contact us here