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All New GENEVA Model Cinema

The new Cinema is here! Cinema, Geneva's latest offering, has dbx-TVʼs TotalVolume, which automatically equalizes volume when changing channels and during commercial breaks and it can hold up to a 55 lb TV. The perfect system for any movie or music buff.

Demand from TV users for better sound and space economy has allowed Geneva to flex its world-famous audio design capability,with the Model Cinema, a high-end TV sound system/stand, enhanced by the brandʼs accurate,size-defying sound quality, minimalist aesthetics, and immaculate construction.

All the virtues that have propelled Geneva to the super-league of home entertainment designer powerfully resolved. From a stylishly neutral matt white or black cabinet under the control of a simple and intuitive aluminium remote handset, Model Cinema integrates advanced digital processing technology with exemplary audio engineering and smart connectivity to develop a superior sound-base, wider in both capability and audio coverage.

Far more than a TV accessory, Model Cinema is a lifestyle sound system with luxurious user features. To the sound-base form factor, Model Cinema adds Bluetooth functionality for the easy playback of music files from smartphones and tablets. Auto input selection and power on/off promote effortless operation while proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) offers the seamless optimization of TV/Movie sound, or Music from a choice of three inputs (analog RCA, digital optical and coax), supported by dbx-TV®ʼs ʻTotalVolume™ʼ algorithm, which automatically equalizes volume when changing channels and during commercial breaks. An additional stereo mini-jack connector allows further audio sources to take advantage of Model Cinemaʼs accomplished audio architecture.

Within Model Cinemaʼs slender enclosure, three individual acoustic chambers play host to no fewer than five drivers. Four 2” tweeter/mids and a single 5.25” woofer are driven individually by matching Class D amplifiers, DSP calibrated for optimum output across a prodigious 120W of available power. Throwing a wide spectrum of sound way beyond the limits normally expected of such a compact design, the Model Cinema employs Genevaʼs signature Embracing Sound HD technology to intensify its deceptively-wide, accurate and dynamic audio response.

The ease of use of the slender remote handset is backed up by touch-sensitive buttons on the cabinet top along with an elegant LED display, which is easy to read in daylight and auto-adjusts for low-light conditions. In characteristic fashion, Geneva has turned an every-day TV accessory into a beautifully integrated statement of audio design excellence. The Model Cinema is an altogether more sophisticated sound-base system, effortless to use, generously connected, skilfully optimized and equipped to transform the experience of TV sound.


Geneva Model Cinema
- Various audio enhancements optimized for TV / Movie and Music
- Five digital amplifiers with 120 Watt output
- Turns automatically on and off
- Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.
- Supports three different audio output formats from the TV
- Supports existing TV remote control with learning function
- LED display - easy to read in daylight, with auto-dimming
- Touch sensitive buttons on the cabinet top

- Material: wood (MDF), for best acoustic performance. Three separate acoustic chambers.
- Finish: elegant matt paint, available in white and black color.

- Speaker system: 4 x 2.0 inch woofers and a 5.25 inch subwoofer
- Frequency range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
- All five speakers are individually powered for accurate acoustics
- Amplifier: five digital Hi-Fi amplifiers (Class D),
- Digital signal processing (DSP) with proprietary algorithms optimized for TV and Movie audio
- Total Volume® algorithm from dbx-tv®, industry’s most effective and efficient loudness control: automatically adjusts the volume when changing channels or with commercials
- Very wide stereo reproduction with four drivers in a array configuration

- Three different audio inputs for audio from TV:
- Analog audio (2 RCA connectors)
- Digital audio (optical) with TOSLINK connector
- Digital audio (coax), RCA connector • Easy to setup: automatic selection of TV audio inputs
- Easy to use: turns itself automatically on and off by automatically detecting audio signals
- Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP for wireless audio streaming
- Additional analog audio input for external audio sources: stereo mini (3.5 mm / inch) connector

Electrical Requirements
- Power Supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Standby Power Consumption: less than 0.5 W Size and Weight
- Width x height x depth: 70.0 cm x 10.0 cm x 35.0 cm (27.6" x 3.9" x 13.8")
- Weight: 9.0 kg (20 pounds)

Included Accessories
- Remote control with full body aluminum case
- Optical audio cable to connect the TV with the Model Cinema • AC power cord