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HLX, the Practical AV Solution for Sports Bars

Looking for a high-quality HD video solution for multiple sources? The HLX Modular Matrix System is an affordable, flexible solution that is ideal for bars, restaurants and casinos.

Q: What are the main differences between AVAtrix and HLX?

A: The HLX is based on a steel card cage design, whereas each AVAtrix component had a separate chassis that could be attached to the main chassis. The HLX has a rigid backplane which offers greater bandwidth than the AVAtrix ribbon cable. The HLX has much greater input/output capacity, as illustrated by the maxiumum configuration shown. The HLX has a variety of input and output signal types available, beyond the AVAtrix capabilities. The HLX can be controlled via Ethernet, serial, or IR, whereas the AVAtrix accepted only IR and serial control.

Q: Are any of the components compatible between HLX and AVAtrix?
A: All five Cat 5 Receiver products are fully compatible with the HLX, so it is easy to upgrade an AVAtrix installation to an HLX system, using the same wiring. Two-way IR routing is built into the video output cards, so a separate IR bridge is not necessary.

Q: What are the advantages of HLX over AVAtrix?
A: There are many improvements, but the main advantages are Ethernet control, greater source capacity, much greater output capacity, and more reliable and versatile IR features. An industrial-grade power supply is now integrated into each main chassis and expander chassis for extended reliability.

Q: Does HLX offer volume control?
A: Yes, the 2214 and 2278 output cards offer volume control, as well as other DSP features like our ZQ 10-band equalizer, low pass and high pass filters.

Q: What is the maximum input/output capacity of the HLX platform?
A: The short answer is 12x88 (shown), or 8x96 for video and audio applications. To get a more complete answer, the best thing to do is try our simple configurator to design the system that meets your requirements. You'll get an instant quote (MSRP) and a configuration number that you can send to your Account Manager for dealer price.

Q: What new signal types are available with HLX?
A: HLX cards are available that essentially duplicate the AVAtrix input and output connections, but we also offer a composite video input card, (up converters built in), audio-only input card, a component video output card with audio, and an audio-only output card with volume control and DSP filters.

Q: Do you offer an audio amplifier that works with the HLX?
A: Yes, our 16-channel SonaFlex SF-16M is designed to connect directly to the HLX audio output card via one convenient cable. Audio switching, DSP, and volume control can be performed via the HLX or in the SF-16M. Multiple SF-16M amplifiers can be used with one HLX system, for up to 96 outputs.