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Interior Designers and Home Builders Increasingly Rely on Technology Integrators


The world of interior design and home building have entered an entirely new phase last year and will continue in 2014 and beyond. Not too long ago, it used to be that technology integrators would seek out partnerships with interior designers and builders to drum up additional business.

This trend has seen a massive shift, as home automation has become a necessity for most families (of most socioeconomic levels) rather than an overly expensive luxury. According to Yahoo! Finance, homeowners increasingly understand that home automation can add 10 percent and more to their property values, while being quite cost-effective.

Rather than coming with a price tag of $75,000 to $100,000+ (the common cost of home automation systems in the recent past), it is possible to spend a fraction of that amount for a full-blown solution that can link together everything from home security, environment/temperature control, home entertainment, and lighting to a Control4 system

Because of the demand, we are continually approached by interior designers and builders to install and program cutting-edge systems sure to make homeowners thrilled.

When a designer or builder approaches our team, we work to educate them on the latest technologies and can provide the very best solution to fit specific budgets. Thanks to the plethora of options out there including Control4 we can construct a seamless, custom solutions for any home environment under the sun.

The beauty of this relationship is that most interior designers and builders have a deep understanding of the basic needs of their clients. We then are able to scope out how the newest and most innovative technologies can revolutionize their daily lives. This saves our partners time and money, as we quickly reveal the latest developments in the home automation industry.

For example, say an interior designer has a client with a 4,000 square foot house and three children. The family is a traveling bunch that has a cat, dog, and a few goldfish. With this information our team’s imagination comes to life. Right of the bat, we begin offering ideas such as:

The family can save time and money by better securing their home and increasing energy efficiency. With the right technologies, they can use their iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, and/or computers to control their door locks, security system, window blinds, and home appliances from anywhere in the world. This means that they can let dog/cat sitters in at a specific time instead of handing out a key. It also means that if the air conditioner is left on or the garage door open, they can be in Paris and with a touch of a button remedy the situation.

In the case that the family is at home and no one can agree on the music selection. The right music system will allow for each room to play its own unique tune genre. Or, in the case that it is a freezing cold morning, Mom has the power to use her iPad to warm the house up before she gets out of bed.

And finally, say the electric bill has been astronomical over the past few months. By monitoring appliances, Mom and Dad can discover concrete steps to reducing energy usage.

The opportunities are endless, and this is why our interior design and building partner list is growing daily. In all reality, knowledge is power and we live to educate and empower others.