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Personalize your smart home with Invixium

Invixium brings the world’s first smart biometric solution to personalize your smart home. Invixium’s fingerprint based biometric products are designed to seamlessly integrate with Control4 for a “true personalized” experience.

By integrating an Invixium device into a smart home automation system, traditional keypad locks are replaced with fingerprint biometric access for security and convenience. Biometrics also allow households to create user profiles to customize the home environment to a person’s liking and mood with just a touch of a finger!

Invixium believes that smart technology also has to be elegant. In simple terms, our products replace antiquated and vulnerable methods of entry such as keys, passwords, PINs and cards with modern and internet ready fingerprint based biometric products. Whether it is product packaging, the product itself or the user interface; every little aspect is exquisitely designed and consumer centric with a promise of touching your soul.
Making a Grand Entrance
Tired of fumbling for your keys at the door? Enter your home with just a touch of a finger when an Invixium biometric device is installed at your door. Enroll your family and staff, the people that matter and restrict access from the unwelcome. Assign scheduled access at will, 24x7 for family and working hours for tradesmen, cleaners and other personnel.

Preserving your Bordeaux
We know you love to share your wines, but we also know that there are some that you save for special occasions. Limit access to your wine cellar from the kids, their friends, guests and staff with an Invixium biometric device.

Convenient Getaway
No need to leave your keys under the mat or courier them to your guests. Invixium products make it easy to share access to your home residence or vacation retreat with your family and friends by giving them a secured passcode remotely. Using this secured passcode, guests can enroll on the Invixium device and enjoy convenient biometric access for the duration of their stay.

Protect your Hard Work
Keep all your confidential and important data and files away from prying eyes or even your hungry pets. By installing an Invixium biometric device, make your home office as secure as a vault and benefit from rapid access in those rush moments when you want to answer that urgent call or grab that classified file before heading to a meeting.