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Pakedge introduces the RSB-K24C, a preconfigured VLAN router.

Preconfigured Audio/Video Bridging System Gateway Security Appliance (Router) with 24 Port VLAN Configurable switch and Rack Mount Bracket.
Ideal for installations that have a variety of devices that require segmentation and prioritization which is essential for streamlining network traffic and ensuring a reliable network.

Primary features of the RSB-K24C are as follows:
- 24 Gigabit Ports
- 2 SFP Fiber Ports
- 4 Separate VLANs
- 1 Guest Network VLAN
- Easily Configurable VLAN ports
- Remote Access via VPN
- Firewall Protection

Computer networks are increasingly sharing the same physical wire with audio/video and control nets, thanks to the availability of affordable IP networking gear. But, unlike computer data, which can tolerate a certain level of unpredictable latency, video streaming, audio streaming, and control systems cannot. These sophisticated networks require highly stable transmission at the level of robustness of an enterprise network, to ensure that packets carrying audio and video streams arrive in time, and that IP-based controls won't lose critical command packets.

The Pakedge Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) product line solves these issues with minimal configuration required. The Pakedge AVB products pre-configure the security appliance (router) and switch, effectively dividing the network into four separate subnets (VLANS) to manage traffic, broadcast, and priority for all devices, based on color-coded ports. The simplicity of this solution enables custom installers to focus on quick, quality installation, and avoid the complexity of an enterprise-level configuration

Key Benefits:
  • Preconfigured Enterprise-Class VLAN "out-of-the-box" solution at a fraction of the Cost
  • Color Coded Ports for AV devices, Controls and Computers for simple fast installations
  • Integrated Pakedge Quality-of-Service, QoS to ensure jitter-free audio video streaming
  • Stackable with additional Pakedge switches for the largest of systems
  • AV Rack mountable- Clean Face, Fanless and cables from the back
  • Flexible with unlimited customizations with an Advanced Setting login (additional support offered by Fortinet if needed)
  • Internet Gateway Security with annual Antivirus/Antispam and Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) subscriptions
  • Preconfigued Secure Guest Network
  • 24 Port Managed Gigabit Switch with Configurable VLAN Port Association