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New RGPC (Richard Gray's Power Company) 200LD Power Delivery and Power Surge Protection System

The RGPC 200 LD is a compact Parallel Power Delivery Model designed to fit conveniently in tight spots, while delivering all the AV enhancements by utilizing the patented parallel technology. To receive the maximum performances install the RGPC 200 LD as close as possible to the AV equipment.

The RGPC 200 LD, utilizes Balanced Surge Protection Design (SPD) to ensure Bidirectional Protection and Reduced Ground Interference. Richard Gray’s patented parallel choke system delivers higher current on demand, a sonic benefit that anyone can hear and appreciate. The sophisticated balance surge
protection system ensures bi-directional AC protection and peace of mind. Additionally, the RGPC 200 LD’s reduced ground interference results in a lower noise floor. Its modest size of only 4 x 5 x 7 inches allows it to neatly snuggle behind the AV system.

Features & Benefits
• High Current on Demand
• Balanced AC Surge Protection
• Resettable Circuit Breaker
• Compact design.
• Metallic Housing for added protection
and safety
• Compatible with UL1449 3rd edition
for Type 3 locations

• All AV equipment
• Smaller Systems
• Installations with Multiple Circuits
• For Crisp and Flawless AV Experience