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The Smart Kitchen Revolution and How Control4 is Leading the Way

We spend hour upon hour in our kitchens working to create masterful meals, socializing with family and friends, completing homework assignments and work projects, and even watching our favourite shows. In all reality, for many the kitchen is the second family room…or maybe even the first for some!

This is why numerous homeowners around the world are working to make their kitchens as “smart” as possible. Many turn to Control4 for their needs, as the system can do everything from set lighting and window shades to activity specific levels; play just the right music to fit the mood; monitor and program appliances; access award winning recipes from a touch screen; and even set the ice-maker to produce more ice when a party is in full swing. Plus, Control 4 offers numerous apps that can be downloaded and used to simplify the home.

Also, for the ultra-busy Control4 can be a lifesaver. For example, say a busy parent/executive is tasked with baking cookies for a party and turns the oven on. Out of the blue, an emergency call comes from the office and he/she is forced to sprint out the door. Before this can happen, their child must be dropped off at a friend’s house for a couple of hours. In haste, the parent runs with child out of the house leaving the oven as it continues to heat. After dropping child off and entering the office, parent realizes a text message was sent via the oven revealing that it is fully heated. Instead of panicking and running back home, it is possible to make a call to a neighbour or friend who can enter the house from the garage which can be opened with the touch of a button on the Control4 smartphone app.

In the case that the family is crowded around the television in the other room to watch a sporting event or movie, it is possible to send a notification to the TV that the oven has reached the perfect temperature.

Additionally, a family can monitor whether or not the refrigerator and/or freezer is opened. The Sub-Zero Built-In Series for instance will report when it is left open and how long it has been opened. A text message can be sent to a cell phone and/or the house lights can pulse on and off. This can save ice cream and other items that can spoil as result of an increase in temperature.

And then there’s the babysitter. The smart kitchen can be equipped with an app that lists emergency numbers on a touch screen and it is possible for the babysitter to utilize the many great oven monitoring tools for the safety of child and home. Plus, if for some wild reason the babysitter and your child get locked out of the house, Control4 allows for the homeowner to open either the garage or door lock via smartphone or iPad.

Finally, Control4 is a valuable energy saving tool. It iallows for the monitoring of kitchen appliances to assure they are running efficiently. One can even download an app that reveals the cheapest times of the day for energy usage, as prices usually tend to fluctuate from hour to hour.

If you are considering revolutionizing your kitchen with Control4, we at Digital Smart Homes recommend that you take time to envision the perfect technology scenario to fit your needs. Each individual and/or family has its own unique challenges and there is most likely a solution that works perfectly.

We are definitely living in amazing times from a technological standpoint. Download the Control4 Smart Home brochure and stay tuned for more developments and trends!