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Home Music Listening is Back…Thanks to Home Digital Music Solutions from Company's like Sonos

Remember the good ole’ days in which many homes were equipped with centralized music systems that pumped tunes into each room? The only problem was that such systems came with complex wiring systems and expensive built-in wall consoles, which were quite costly to maintain and nearly impossible to fix if broken.

Thanks to the digital age, technologies like Sonos have made it easy listen to music at home! Now music can be customized per room and controlled wirelessly via your MAC/PC, iPad, iPhone/iPod, or Android. Plus, your music listening options are unlimited as you can access it from Sirius, RDIO, Slacker, iTunes, Window media files, Wolfgang, and other sources.

To get started with Sonos, all you need is a a Sonos music bridge that connects to your router and strategically placed speakers throughout your home. Speakers come in several shapes and sizes and can either be mounted on walls or placed on desks, shelves, or the floor. The beauty of today’s speakers is that you can hide them and still enjoy crystal clear and distortion-free sound.
The next step is to utilize your computer or smart device to control the speakers throughout your home. For instance, say you are in your kitchen making a gourmet dinner and decide that a bit of opera is needed to inspire your cooking masterpiece. All you have to do is locate your iPad that is sitting on your kitchen counter, choose the exact set of speakers that you want to activate, and select the opera of your choice.

Or, say the kids are studying for a big test in the living room and you want to listen to a bit of Coldplay in your room. Instead of worrying that your music will interrupt their train of thought as music is pumped through the entire household, you can designate that the living room speakers are completely silent and enjoy your very own customized music listening experience in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Another benefit of Sonos is that the system is completely scalable and transportable. At any time, you can add more speakers to your collection or move them from room to room without any problems whatsoever. What’s even more brilliant is that if by chance you move to a new home, all you have to do is pack up your system and relocate it with the family. Finally, you don’t have to part with your beloved home music system!

What more can you ask for? Today’s digital home technologies are forever changing the way we experience our homes!

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