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"The Always At Home" Control4 Driver is now available

Always@Home is most likely the greatest driver ever created for Control4®. This driver records the daily activity of your lights and/or TVs in your Control4 enabled home and can play back the exact light/TV usage to make it appear that someone is always at home even when you have been away for weeks. Admit it - you just realized how miserable your life has been before you knew about this driver.

Plays back your actual light usage
The Always@Home driver records the light changes in your home and can play back those changes.

Select only the lights you wish to record
You can easily select which lights to record and which lights to ignore, so that only the important lights are played back while you are away.

Global light level setting
You can select a global light level percentage that will be used for all dimmers. This is helpful for customers that like the security Always@Home provides with lighting playback, but are also conscience of energy usage and would prefer their lights to be turned on at a lower level than normal when in Playback mode.

Plays back your actual TV usage
The Always@Home driver records whenever a selected TV is turned on and off. You can select up to four TVs and program whatever source/media you'd like to be played when in Playback mode.

Dynamically adapts to your changing schedule
Because Always@Home is always recording your lights activity, it continually adapts to your current schedule.

Two week history
Always@Home keeps a rolling, continuously updating, two-week history of your lights. With the crazy lifestyles people live today, its comforting to know that Always@Home knows your schedule better than you!

Third-Party lighting device support
There are many lighting options to choose from and Always@Home supports the vast majority of third-party lighting devices. If a third-party dimmer/switch utilizes a standard Control4 light proxy for integration then Always@Home will be able to record and control it.

Contact us for more information and pricing.