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Audio Authority 16 Channel Matrix Amplifier with FlexPort Inputs

Whether your looking for audio system to use in commercial facilities or in homes, the SF-16M has the features and capabilities to handle just about any application it may encounter. Its flexibility and musical power give end users so much more than traditional audio systems, while giving installers a streamlined installation process.

The SonaFlex SF-16M is a unique blend of multi-channel amplification, flexible input options, audio matrix switching, signal processing and open control capability. Built and designed in the U.S. with the custom applications in mind, the SF-16M brings a new approach to common residential and commercial distributed audio applications - one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations.

SonaFlex Application Focus - Restaurant with Live Music

In this application the SF-16M amplifies audio to 6 speakers in the main dining area, 4 in the bar, 2 in the restrooms, 2 in the waiting area and 2 on the patio. The equipment rack, located in the office, includes a streaming media player, Sirius radio and a 5-disc CD changer for background music.

The bar area, which includes a stage for live music, includes an FPM-X FlexPort module. The FPM-X accepts the XLR output from a local mixer at the stage. Prior to live performances the sound operator presses the FPM-X override button, which switches to his audio mixer in the dining area and the bar.

At the hostess stand, a push-to-talk microphone is connected to a FPM-B module, which overrides audio in the waiting area, restrooms and outside with paging announcements.


Key Benefits for the End User

Local Source Selection
Popular consumer audio sources such as iPods, AppleTVs and BluRay players can be located near the listener and connected via Cat 5 to the FlexPort audio inputs. With the push of a button, the user switches to the local audio source and then switches back to the default audio at will. This feature is also ideal for restaurants and clubs with live music where a user needs to override background music with audio from a mixer.

Sound Scenes
A Sound Scene is a system-wide snap-shot of all volume and source settings. Scenes allow the end-user to easily recall previously captured system settings. It is a perfect way to set the mood for parties, restaurant ambience and other commonly used system settings that need to be recalled with a single button press. Up to 10 Sound Scenes can be stored and recalled per SF-16M. For installations with multiple SF-16M’s linked together, additional system-wide Sound Scenes can be stored and recalled across all units.

Output Grouping
Allows multiple outputs to be grouped together to share volume ramping, muting, source selection and more. Groups are ideal for making large areas a single audio zone or for grouping outputs with hi-pass and low-pass filters (sub/sat combinations) so that they respond together as one zone. Up to 10 groups can be stored per SF-16M.

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