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All New Yamaha Aventage BD-A1000 High Performance, 3D Blu-Ray Player

High performance Blu-ray Disc Player designed for optimum matching with Yamaha AVENTAGE Line Receivers. The SCENE function integrates operation and the front panel has the same clean, graceful design. The BD-A1000 is designed for High End Audio and isn’t just a video device. For the complete home theatre experience it’s paramount that the Blu-ray player provides premium audio quality. This is why Yamaha’s BD-A1000 supports high end audio formats such as SACD and DVD-Audio; formats that are designed to take advantage of high end audio setups. It also incorporates high-grade components and terminals ensuring HD audio formats sound as originally intended by the studio master.

The perfect companion to Yamaha’s AVENTAGE receivers, the BD-A1000 completes the home theatre puzzle. Using similar design philosophies, the BD-A1000 is a must for any AVENTAGE receiver purchase.

Combining superior parts for both audio and video along with 3D support, the BD-A1000 is the ideal Blu-ray player.

Superior Picture Quality
Overall picture quality is dependent on each component of a home theatre system. The BD-A1000 delivers a high quality picture signal, through high-grade components, 1080p/24Hz HDMI video output, and x.v.Colour and Deep Colour support. In addition, 1080p up-scaling allows users to enjoy their DVD collection with superior picture quality.

3D Compatible
Complimenting Yamaha’s AVENTAGE receivers the BD-A1000 has the ability to accurately decode and pass on 3D signal from a 3D Blu-ray disk. With the pairing of a AVENTAGE Blu-ray player, receiver and 3D HD monitor a user will feel like they are a part of the movie.

Network Multimedia Player
Increasingly video and audio content is being stored on a PC, MAC or Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. To provide seamless access to this content the BD-A1000 is equipped with an Ethernet port. This allows users to stream audio and video from a computer or NAS, including file formats such as mkv, avi, DivX, MP4, and MPG, to their AVENTAGE receiver.

SCENE Function
The SCENE function Yamaha’s AVENTAGE receivers ensures integrating the BD-A1000 is seamless. Simply by selecting Blu-ray/DVD on the receiver remote will turn on the receiver and Blu-ray player, switch to the correct input, and even open the disc tray ready for operation. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Easily controlled
Often components such as a Blu-ray player or receiver are hidden behind cabinet doors or in dedicated home theatre racks. As a result the BD-A1000 incorporates an abundance of connection options for customizing your home theatre installation, such as HDMI control, infrared inputs/outputs and RS-232 control for custom remote controls.