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Introducing Wirepath Surveillance

With an initial offering of 8 cameras, 3 DVRs and 1 amazing iPhone app – we're confident this lineup will meet the requirements of your CCTV needs.
  • Deliver bullet-proof products with the latest technologies like Sens-Up, WDR and H.264
  • Create easy-to-specify solutions that remove system complexity
  • Provide best-in-class Apps for remote viewing

Camera Key Features

Typical Applications
Commercial – Show me the money! Perfect for critical monitoring of areas such as cash registers, entryways and warehouses.

Residential – Another pretty face or a thief? Ideal for front/back door use, gated entrances, garages and other outdoor locations that require high detail or facial recognition.

Technology Overview

Optimize performance by tailoring the camera’s settings for the specific application using the on-screen menu. An RS-485 connection is available to remotely change these settings with a compatible DVR.

S-WDR (Super Wide Dynamic Range)
Provides clearer images and even lighting in applications that are simultaneously both bright and dark. This is particularly useful in areas with windows and lots of natural light.

Backlight Compensation (BLC)
Reduces silhouetting so you see foreground subjects clearly when positioned in front of a bright background light source.

Don't get blinded by the light! By blocking headlights and other intensely bright areas, contrast is dramatically improved for critical areas of the image.

Sense-Up (Slow Shutter)
See in color -in the dark! By automatically slowing the shutter speed, the camera is able to pick up the slightest traces of light to display a bright image.

True Day/Night (IR Cut Filter)
For more accurate, vivid color reproduction during daytime use, an IR Cut filter is automatically moved over the lens to block unwanted IR. At night, the filter is removed to deliver maximum visibility and clear IR illumination.

Smart IR
Automatically adjusts the amount of IR LED intensity to eliminate over-exposure and evenly illuminate the subject.

3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
A powerful digital signal processor (DSP) intelligently scans the image and reduces noise in low-lux conditions for a cleaner, crisper image.

Privacy Masking
Block out sensitive or privileged areas by placing rectangular blocks or "masks" over installer-defined areas.

DVR Key Features

Superior Compression Technologies
Commercial customers monitoring cash registers may want higher quality with an archive of only a couple days, while a residential customer may want to monitor a vacation home with normal resolution – BUT with an extended recording time of a couple weeks. These different applications call for different recording resolutions and frame rates to maximize the system’s performance and meet the needs of the customer. This DVR combines the latest H.264 compression algorithm with D1 and CIF resolutions and customizable frame rate settings - all to deliver the highest quality images while reducing network bandwidth and storage requirements.

Some other guys want to charge you for the privilege of accessing your DVR remotely. Isn't that the whole point? At Wirepath™, we've taken a different approach. Use your computer, or FREE iPhone/Smartphone Apps to view cameras while at the office or on the go.

Live View: See who's doing what in real-time on any camera connected to the DVR. Both full screen and matrix views are supported.
Playback: Want to see what time Junior came home? Just search for the appropriate time and playback at up to 64X speed!
Setup: Need to make changes to the DVR remotely? Use the PC-based user interface to adjust system settings from anywhere in the world. DVRAppLink

Easy Software Installation
If you've been frustrated by the complexity of DVR software installation - we've just made things a whole lot easier. We took the time to become a verified publisher through Microsoft, which means that Internet Explorer will install the necessary components without you having to dig into complicated ActiveX permissions and possibly leaving the customer's computer open to viruses. What's more, the playback software needed to view backup files is installed at the same time. No EXE download hassles or Administrator headaches for the customer - just click and watch!

Pentaplex Operation
Whether at home, on the job or sitting at the airport, the WPS-100-DVR-8CH enables you to simultaneously perform all system operations at once:
• Recording
• Live Viewing
• Playback
• Backup/Archive
• Remote Access

Dual Stream Optimization
Dual stream on a DVR is similar to what you may have experienced with your music. In the music analogy, sometimes you want to keep a high resolution version (CD) with the convenience of a compressed version (MP3) saved to a portable device. This DVR offers a similar benefit, allowing you to record locally to the hard drive at the highest quality, while simultaneously streaming a lower-resolution version via the internet. This gives you impeccable archived video with improved speed and reduced bandwidth when accessing the system using mobile devices.

DDNS support
Which would you rather remember... "" or ""? That's just one of the benefits Dynamic DNS offers:
1. Easy capturing of the home or business's IP address
2. When that address changes (and they do!), automatic syncing with a central server
3. Easy-to-remember web address that always points the home or business
Wirepath™ DVRs support a number of popular free DNS services such as DynDNS.

Email Notifications
Sure, you could hover over your DVR watching cameras all day to see if something was amiss - but wouldn't it just be easier to get an email? With event-based alerts, you can create custom notifications for motion detection, alarm triggers or system diagnostics such as a hard drive failure.

Playback Features
Intuitive Searching
It's never been easier to find exactly the clip you’re looking for. Through the DVR’s on-screen display, web interface or iPhone app you can quickly search by time, motion detection, video loss or external alarm trigger.

Smart Search
Those darn kids took the yard gnome (again)! You know it was sometime this week but you're not sure when. With our Smart Search feature you can specify a certain camera region to look for motion, then quickly search for just those clips. Quick, easy, efficient. Now to find those meddling kids...

Multi-View Capable
Many competitive DVR products use one program for single DVR viewing, then a totally different software package for managing multiple DVRs (typically called CMS). To us, that seemed like a lot of headache. That's why we put all that right in one place for a consistent - and seamless - user experience. Check in on multiple retail stores, restaurants or residences directly from the same screen!

Simultaneous All-Channel Playback
When you're searching for a video clip, you could hunt and peck by going camera to camera (yawn) or take the easy way and view all of them at the same time! While you're at it, use the adjustable FWD and REV playback (up to 64X) to quickly find what you're looking for.

Bi-Directional Audio
Sometimes listening just isn't enough. Sometimes you need to talk to the person on the other end. Audio inputs to the DVR enable you to do this right through your web browser! Think of the uses: gated entrances, elevators, assisted living, saferooms - there are a number of applications where you want the person on the other end to know you're listening.

System Features

Flexible Recording Triggers
The system can start recording based on motion detection or predefined schedules (after business hours for example). There are also external trigger inputs to record when alerts are received from security and fire/safety systems or dedicated sensors.

Multiple Archive Options
Space might not be unlimited, but it's nice to know your archive options are. Manually backup your recordings to a remote PC, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or FTP server, or save locally to a USB drive.

RS485 Camera Control
Once you've made local lens adjustments to the cameras, lose the ladder and tweak in comfort from the DVR location! When combined with our Wirepath™ 500 and 700-series cameras, the RS485 connection provides control over detailed camera OSD options like Sens-Up and Super-WDR directly from the DVR. Of course, this same connection can be used to control PTZ cameras on 3rd party cameras with this feature.

Watermark Digital Security
Optional digital watermarking is available to ensure video integrity and protect against tampering. If a downloaded clip has been altered, the PC-based playback software will alert the user with a message when the file is opened.