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Guide to Consumer and Commercial LCDs

With so many types of displays flooding the market, finding the right LCD display can be an intimidating task – especially for those who research endlessly before making a decision. Digital signage has become an essential part of any growing business and the importance of choosing the right LCD is undeniable. Thankfully, DSH has put together this guide to help make your decision a little easier - whether you are just curious about the difference between consumer and commercial LCDs or a business looking to invest in a panel.
Consumer LCDs
Consumer LCDs are great for the home – they are specifically designed to be used for personal settings and work terrifically if that is all they are used for. They are intended to be on for 6-8 hours/day. Using a consumer LCD for longer over an extended period of time could cause damage because of the thermal stress on the electronic components.
• Warranty: From 90-days to 1-year consumer warranty
• Security: No ability to lock the set to avoid tampering by others
• PC Compatibility: Most consumer LCDs are designed to be compatible with TV/Video components, although some will work with computers as well
• Durability: Little protection against electromagnetic interference
• Picture Display: Cooler color temperature settings producing blue/white image – vivid saturated color
• Burn-in and Image Retention: Specifically designed for motion graphics and not images to be retained for long periods
• Mounting: Limited mounting brackets solutions available
• Ventilation: 6-8 hours continuous operation – product can overheat if used for longer than specified
• Remote Operation: No RS232 (serial control) connections
• Portrait and Landscape Mode: Can be used in landscape mode only

Commercial LCDs
Commercial LCDs are made specifically for your business and there are some core differences between commercial and consumer LCDs. Commercial LCDs are made so that they can be run continuously for at least 20 hours in an uncontrolled environment in a variety of temperatures, without overheating. Some are even built to run 24/7.
• Warranty: 1 year to up to 5 years with displays
• Security: Locks to allow display from being changed
• PC Compatibility: Specifically designed to be compatible with PCs and Digital Signage Players
• Durability: Electromagnetic interference protection and adapts to a variety of voltage levels
• Picture Display: Full range of grayscale, variety of brightness settings, and backlight settings can produce best picture quality possible
• Burn-in and Image Retention: Protection against burn-in and ability to allow for single image to be displayed without burning
• Mounting: Industry standard VESA design allows compatibility with a variety of mounting solutions
• Ventilation: Cooling fans and heat sensors are typically installed allowing for a use in a wide variety of temperatures
• Remote Operation: RS232 connections
• Portrait and Landscape Mode: Portrait or Landscape mode can be utilized

Although consumer and commercial televisions may look the same at first, they are created for different purposes. When deciding on what type of LCD to invest in, be sure to examine what your requirements are and choose according to your needs. Consumer LCDs work terrifically in a home setting and will not pose problems if they are not used beyond their capabilities. If needing to use an LCD for a prolonged period of time, a commercial LCD will be able to do the job better.