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Unleashing the Power of OS 3.2.4: Elevate Your A/V Control with MultiDisplay Manager!

We're thrilled to introduce the latest upgrade to our operating system, OS 3.2.4, designed with you in mind. This update brings a host of fundamental platform enhancements, providing an even more seamless and versatile audio-visual experience for both retail and commercial deployments.

So, what's in store for you with OS 3.2.4? Let's dive into the exciting features that will redefine the way you interact with your audio-visual setup:
1. Independent Control with Audio Breakaways:
One of the standout features of OS 3.2.4 is the introduction of audio breakaways. This innovative addition allows you to independently select your audio and video sources, providing unparalleled control and customization. Now, your audio-visual setup adapts to your preferences, creating a truly personalized environment.

2. Multi-Display Mastery with Single-Page Controls:
Responding to your feedback, we have enhanced the MultiDisplay Manager, making it more polished and ready for full public release. Designed for commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality spaces, the MultiDisplay Manager empowers you with single-page controls for up to 18 TVs and projectors. Say goodbye to complexity, as managing multiple displays has never been this intuitive.

3. Sync Audio to Video for Seamless Harmony:
Based on valuable input from our partners, we've added a new feature to OS 3.2.4—Sync Audio to Video. This enhancement ensures a harmonious experience by synchronizing audio with video, delivering an immersive audio-visual journey. It's a game-changer recommended by industry experts and tailored to your enjoyment.

4. Single-Touch Execution with MultiDisplay Manager Presets:
The MultiDisplay Manager is not just about controls; it's about simplicity. OS 3.2.4 introduces Presets that can be saved and Favorited for quick, single-touch execution. Whether you're configuring for a presentation, movie night, or event, enjoy the convenience of accessing commonly used configurations effortlessly.

5. Universal Applicability:
Designed with versatility in mind, the MultiDisplay Manager isn't limited to commercial and retail spaces. It seamlessly integrates into residential and hospitality deployments, providing intuitive control across various settings. Now, you can enjoy the same level of control and customization in your home or hospitality space as you do in a commercial setting.

Upgrade to OS 3.2.4 today and experience the future of audio-visual control. Elevate your environment with single-page MultiDisplay controls, independent audio selections, and the added harmony of Sync Audio to Video. It's more than an upgrade; it's a revolution in A/V customization.