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OS 2.6 Now Available–Delivering The New Control4 Experience

Control4 rolls out OS 2.6, featuring new UI enhancements that elevate the Listen, Comfort and Security experiences, stunning consistency across all user interfaces, and time-saving tools for our technicians to deliver programming efficiency. Control4® OS 2.6 will be pre-loaded on all new controllers moving forward.
Key OS 2.6 features:

  • Integration with over 40 streaming music services including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Songza, and more. Customers will enjoy a consistent experience regardless of whether these services originate through Control4 or through products from third parties such as Autonomic, Fusion Research, Sonos or Video Storm.
  • With one touch, customers can access their favorite music—regardless of source or streaming service.
  • New Pool & Spa control is intuitive, interactive and stunning. Power up the pool jets from anywhere, at home or away.
  • Lighting Scene editing is now available on tablets.
  • New intuitive feedback icons for sensors throughout the Control4 UI—where they belong—in Security, Comfort, and Watch.
  • New drivers, of course. Hundreds are available.
  • Now that Extra Vegetables is part of Control4, you get access to hundreds of Extra Vegetables drivers—with no licensing fees.

Upgrade your customers to Control4® OS 2.6 today!