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Control4 compatible, Wirepath Surveillance System - There's a Mac for that

With the Wirepath™ Surveillance Mac app for OSX, peace of mind comes standard. Now it’s easier than ever to view and control your DVR and cameras from anywhere in the world. Watch live video, search/playback recordings, even take a screen capture – right from your Mac. And while some other guys charge for the "privilege" of remote access, we give it to you... for free.

Single Camera and Matrix Views
View up to 64 cameras in single or split-screen mode*. To zoom to a specific camera, simply click the image to jump to full-screen view. This makes it a breeze to monitor the entire premises or just a single room.
* Varies by DVR model

Intuitive Searching & Playback
Need to search for a particular video clip? Not a problem! Easily find what you're looking for with searches by Time, Motion Detect or External Alarm Trigger.

Digital Snapshot
When viewing live recorded video, simply press the snapshot button to copy a picture to your Mac. You can then share the photo via email.

Now Hear This!
It's one thing to see the action - but imagine hearing what's going on back at the house, office or store - right through your iPhone - and from anywhere in the world! Yep, we do that…

Camera PTZ Controls
Easily look around the room or property with integrated controls for 3rd party pan/tilt/zoom cameras. If you have defined PTZ position presets, simply select the one you want from the App to have the camera automatically adjust to that location.

Multi-DVR Management
All your DVRs are in one place for a consistent - and seamless - user experience. Check in on multiple residences, retail stores or restaurants directly from the same App.

Alarm Status and Trigger Control
For the "tweak" in all of us - get real-time status on the alarm inputs. These could be from a door contact, motion sensors or a garage door. Control of trigger outputs lets you remotely operate connected equipment such as sirens or strobe lights.

Selectable Streaming Quality
Many apps from the competition force you to use low-res viewing. That’s OK for a quick glance, but for times when more detail is needed, select “Extra” video stream mode. With Wirepath’s selectable streaming resolutions, you finally get to see what you’ve been missing!

downloadMacApp NOTE: User must be running Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) or higher