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HydraConnect LLC Releases 2nd Generation Control4 HDMI Proccessor

The HSS-3 retains all of the features of the acclaimed HSS-2, with the added capability of integral HDBaseT outputs to run a 1080p signal up to 330' over a single CAT6. The HDBaseT receivers that operate with the HSS-3 retain the standard HydraConnect POE features that require no power supply at the receiver end. CEC support is provided for product control without IR flashers, though IR flashers are also fully supported. Finally, two of the eight outputs are configurable as HDMI outputs to support local AV Receivers. HSS-3 will is now available and is made in the USA.

In addition to the tight integration with Control4 system software, support for other automation systems is being announced. Also supported is tight integration with iRule. iRule is an iOS and Android based control system which allows the HSS family of products to be controlled without an automation system. This is ideal for sports bars and many commercial applications, as well as simple home theaters where the customer just wants to control the AV gear. iRule has implemented special integration support for the HSS family.

The third generation switching system - HSS-3 - from HydraConnect LLC forms the complete core of any HDMI audio and video control distribution system providing:

  • 8X8 HDMI Switching with eight HDBaseT outputs, two of which can be re-configured for HDMI to support local AV Receivers.
  • 8 HDBaseT outputs with POE so no power supply is required at the receiver
  • 2 of the outputs can alternately be configured as HDMI outputs to support local AV Receivers in the rack
  • Independent video and audio switching to support A/V remix - watching one source while listening to a second audio source
  • CEC based control for most TVs, AVRs, DVD players, plus IP control for DirecTV receivers - eliminates nearly all IR blasters and the automation system gear to drive them for reduced cost and a better looking installation
  • Fully automatic EDID generation and HDCP key management for seamless operation
  • Hydra's FlashConnectTM HDCP pre-authentication which ensures no loss of video when adding or subtracting video displays
  • 8X16 Stereo Matrix with volume control supporting stereo distribution for whole house audio
  • Fully integrated support for Control4, Crestron, RTI, and iRule (Savant available shortly)
  • HDMI CableTrayTM which provides mechanical support for HDMI cabling
  • Web based interface which allows complete control and status from the system
  • Complete remote access to the web interface which provides real-time off-site support capabilities
  • Automatic software updates to ensure up to date operation without any dealer intervention
  • A complete 8 room system requires the addition of only an automation controller and a simple multi-channel amplifier.

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