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Introducing iRemote Reset by Technology on Demand

Have you ever had to go to your parents or friends home just to reboot a Cable/DSL Modem to fix "The Internet" going down or to just to cycle power on a device? Have you ever had to instruct your spouse where to find the power cord for a device inside a crazy-busy rack only to find you still have to go there or that it took longer to talk them through it than if you actually went there?

iRemoteReset helps you solve these and other problems. You can connect to iRemoteReset from anywhere and via its built-in website hard power reboot your equipment.

But wait, there's more...
How about the internet connection? Cable/DSL modems and routers always seem to need a reboot. What if there was a way to have them automatically reboot (Cable/DSL modem first, of course) if the internet goes out. The Ethernet Power Module can do that!

Need Scheduling?
What if you need to schedule power events? An open sign in a small shop for instance. What about rebooting cable boxes once per day at 3AM? With a 20 event scheduler built into iRemoteReset, it can do that!

Notify Me
iRemoteReset will automatically e-mail you of outlet power events (on/off) as well as recovery from reboot due to internet loss.

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