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Extend the Power of HD Communications

LifeSize® Software Version 4.7. Easily share content wirelessly from your computer during HD video calls.
Collaborate more effectively and increase productivity with our 4.7 software release. New features include data sharing for LifeSize® Passport™ and LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®, via LifeSize® Virtual Link™, a free software download.

Version 4.7 also extends live HD video streaming and recording on LifeSize® Video Center to LifeSize Passport and LGExecutive.

Traditional data sharing during an HD video call is enabled over a DVI cable connection to the PC or laptop. Now, share data and content from your computer easily and cable-free to any LifeSize® PassportTM or LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®. The new LifeSize Virtual Link supports data sharing over the network.

Any LifeSize user with a Windows PC or Mac can download the free Virtual Link application. Then, seamlessly share their desktop with remote participants through video calls from LifeSize Passport or the LGExecutive. The presenters do not even have to be in the same room as the video endpoint in order to share content over the network.

No more cables running across the conference table. No more juggling.

LifeSize Virtual Link is designed to be easy to install on the PC or Mac and easy to use by anyone. Quickly add more endpoints via Virtual Link’s simple user interface and organize them into a Favorites category for recurring meetings. Easily search for available video endpoints and know the status of the endpoint before starting a presentation.

LifeSize Passport and LGExecutive, with network-based data-sharing, ensure that HD video conferences are as productive and collaborative as they need to be.

For more information on our LifeSize line of products, contact our Pro division here.