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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Restaurants, Bars and Fast Food Locations

Digital Signage has become the most important and cost effective tool in order to address the bottom-line of any restaurant business and that is "Customer satisfaction" and "Increase in sales". Thousands of restaurants understand its importance and have deployed digital signage throughout their establishments over the last few years. They understood the importance of DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) advertising and the advantages that it brings with it. Those who are left are swiftly adapting to this transition.
  • [by: Mvix]
Just imagine a person passing in front of your restaurant on a warm summer day and a tantalizing image of a sweating glass of cola appears from your restaurant window emerges - You get it now. Digital signage has taken over from static ads since digital signage has given more flexibility in the hand of restaurant owners to be able to use multiple ads at a same time. More and more restaurant owners are now leveraging on digital media technology to allow their customers to order their meals directly through the screen thereby putting the customers in the driver's seat.

Some Benefits:
1. Menu boards help display various menu options during the day. Now you can customize your menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
2. Nutritional information, calorie update etc. can be easily conveyed to the customers via digital screens - easy to update and easy to configure.
3. Giving greater control to the customers to choose and order from interactive menus via touch screen systems..
4. Centralized control through digital signage software. This helps to manage signage’s on multiple location from one location, ensuring consistency and quality of communication.
5. Allows restaurant owners to communicate with customers in variety of media formats - videos, slideshows, images with background music etc.
6. Appeal to a larger target market by customizing menu and information in local languages, formats and tastes.
7. Allows restaurant owners to communicate effectively with graphics and animations to attract customers.
8. Allows ease of update and low-cost customization. Cost of owning and maintaining digital signage is lower than the total cost of installing and updating tradition menu displays.

People are eating out now more than ever before, and restauranteurs are beginning to embrace Digital Signage as a way of enhancing their image, the overall atmosphere, and increasing revenue!

Digital Signage / Communication in Restaurants & Bars is becoming a norm for:
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Vendor / Partner Advertising
  • Displaying Nutrient & Calorie information
  • Branding & Customer Entertainment

With our digital signage solutions we can guarantee immediate ROI by:
  • Removing the cost of repeated price and menu changes
  • Removing the cost of expensive printing, shipping static boards
  • Reducing artwork and graphic design expenses
  • Adding efficient methods to adhere to new regulations
  • Economical combination of software, hardware and support services!
  • Animating menu item transitions / rotations helps you up-sell
  • Increase Revenue by cross-selling partner products

Maximize your relationships with your Patrons by customized welcome screens while offering drink and menu specials
A Digital Signage System allows a restaurant to promote dinner specials and high-margin items such as appetizers, cocktails, and wines. In a sports bar installation, Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Large LCDs that are display a highly anticipated sporting event will garner many eyeballs. A video feed in a zoned-window, leaves the rest of the screen's "real estate" available for high-profile, messaging and advertising. Logos can be displayed in a corner, sponsorships can be run in a crawl line, and
an animated Advertisement of your wine selection can run on the side. Often times a supplier to the dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video showcasing than print advertising.

In a nutshell, Digital signage provides restaurant owners with flexibility, versatility, effective communication and cost efficient solutions in order to reach its customers.