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USB Powered Portable UCube Speakers by UFi

At just three-inches square they’re personal and portable, ideal for home, on your desk or on the go! Available in brilliant fashion –forward colours – they look as fabulous as they sound on brushed aluminum stands. You’re gonna love their small sleek footprint, iconic design and big dynamic sound; they create a wide stereo image so everyone can enjoy music and video! Just plug the speaker with the USB connector into your computer’s USB port and your’re ready to roll!!!

Introducing the UFiTM UCubeTM, the new revolutionary, portable USB powered 15 Watts (RMS) per channel stereo speakers. These stunning sounding, elegantly cube-shaped speakers are powered solely by the USB port from your computer or PC and with no external power supply. Talk about convenience!

UCube speakers are easy to use, elegant and compact 3-inch cubes that deliver omni-directional sound with direct-digital output from your computer... just plug and play! They deliver incredibly engaging, full- range and detailed sound with power and dynamics to spare. They fill your desktop space, living or hotel room with music.

Unleash your computer’s full potential as an entertainment center using MacTM, VistaTM, or Windows 7TM for high resolution sound from your digital music files, no fuss, no muss. The speakers are connected with a detachable audiophile
grade cable ensuring optimized signal transfer and stunning sound.

UCube speakers combine an extraordinarily efficient low-power-consumption amplifier that’s perfectly matched with a Patented BMRTM (Balanced Mode RadiatorTM) Technology wideband, full-range
speaker driver that produces stunning, dynamic sound.


Technical Background
Power via USB is limited to 0.5 Amps at 5 Volts. This translates into a maximum continuous power of only 2.5 Watts assuming no additional losses. So how do UCube speakers achieve peak output power of 15 Watts? Audio signal doesn’t have a continuous power profile. High power audio peaks are transitory so the average audio output power required is at a much lower level.