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The Android App for Yamaha Network receivers is now available on the Android Market

This AV Controller application will turn your Android device into a Wi-Fi enabled remote control for your YAMAHA network products. This Android application provides you the flexibility to control the available inputs, volume, mute and power commands. It lets users change a song from Internet Radio, USB and command FM/AM tuners or any other internally available source. Using this application you can even control all AV receiver zones that are available such as powering on and changing input for each zone. This application not only controls AV receiver but also Yamaha blu-ray players. It supports various functions including Play, Stop, Forward. Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. It’s great to have all this control at your fingertips - and best of all it’s FREE!

Download here

- AndroidOS 2.1 or higher
- A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and a compatible Yamaha Network product(s)* residing within the same LAN.
- Network Standby set to ON
Setup->Network->Network Standby (AV receivers other than RX-V2065 or HTR-6295)
Setup Menu->Function Setup->Network->Network Standby (RX-V2065 or HTR-6295)
System->Network Control (Blu-ray players)
- Please make sure the Network Standby setting is set to "ON" so that the unit can accept commands via the network. The Network Standby setting allows the AV receiver or Blu-ray player to accept commands via the network while the AV receiver or Blu-ray player are in the Standby Mode.
Key Features
- Power on/off - Allows you to Control the Power
- Volume up/down - Use "+/-" to adjust volume to the desired setting
- Mute - Pressing the speaker icon will mute
- Input Selection - Use the Input selector to select the device you want to enjoy. If you select an internal source you can Control the content within the input. For example, control the Tuner, Network and docked iPod contents directly with full metadata information on the display.
- DSP Mode Selection - Change DSP program to the desired Mode
- SCENE selection - Takes you to your SCENE setting
- Blu-ray player fundamental control - Play/Stop/Pause/Skip/Menu/Cursor keys etc
- Seemless control between the Yamaha AV receiver and Blu-ray player
- Demo mode - Explains how to use this app
Compatible models *Product availability varies depending on regions


AV Receivers
- RX-A3010, RX-A2010, RX-A1010, RX-A810, RX-A710
- RX-V3071, RX-V2071, RX-V871, RX-V771, RX-V671
- HTR-6064
- RX-A3000, RX-A2000, RX-A1000
- RX-V3067, RX-V2067, RX-V1067, RX-V867
- HTR-9063, HTR-8063
- RX-V2065, RX-V3900, DSP-AX3900, RX-Z7, DSP-Z7, HTR-6295
Blu-ray Players
- BD-A1010
- BD-S671
- BD-A1000, BD-S1067